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 Dev Log : The Migrator Project News Feed 
Thursday, February 14, 2008  |  From Dev Log : The Migrator Project

Check this out on codeplex:

It has something cool on it.  If you download and build the solution (Press F5) you'll get something cool, a pretty much fully working interface.  Yes fully working.

TMP is working.  It doesn't do much atm tho, just sleeps for 100ms and then updates the progress.  Bug this is all going on Asynchronously, well almost, it's only a user provider so it can only work synchronously while that is done.  Rule of the migrator core.

The core is becoming solid now, with only a few changes to the status and event classes to enable GUI sorting.

Progress Log

AS can be seen in this screenshot the migration is in progress, and the bars are being updated according to the status.

Along with the progress is the log viewer, which is basically a List View, lol.  But that is updated when you click on View Log, inline.

Next to code up on the UI is if an error is detected to make the progress bar yellow or red depending on the error type.

After the migration has finished, you will be able to export a XML log file, the butting isn't on there yet, but it will be.  When 100% on all actions is achieved then, the button will come out, asking if you would like to save a log file.  It'll be XML based, so you can XPath it, basically it'll have all of the logs, and some extra exception info (if exists) in there.

As you can see at the top, the progress bar is full.  I was going to add another page with the close button on it, but I've decided not to do that now.

After the UI is done, the CS provider will be coded up, and then a vBulletin provider.  And if I get time, a WordPress provider. If everything goes to plan the project should have a Version 1 release in April.  I hope you like what I've done so far, it's been a pleasure to code this up for you all.

I'm also debated on making the project completely open source with the UI on codeplex as well, at the moment it is, but with version 1 it will be removed.  If I remove it or not is still up in the air at the moment.

Work will probably stall for the next 2 weeks as I have some presentations to give, but after that it'll be all hands to get the project done, and work begun on the API documentation

Monday, January 28, 2008  |  From Dev Log : The Migrator Project

NB Development is happy to present the new look migrator project interface.  Using a aero wizard interface, or what looks like one, to display a fully featured, quick, and minimalist interface.

These are only alpha screenshots at the moment, since the interface is far from done.

The Welcome Screen


This screenshot shows it best, with the aero wizard styled window, after the rest of the interface is done the welcome page will be fitted with more stuff than currently shown.

The back button is not enabled at the moment, due to no previous page existing.  The progress bar in the top right shows the progress through the wizard.  This will update along the 4 stage set wizard.  During the actual migration, the color may change to Yellow (Working with Errors) or Red (Unable to work).  Although there will be more progress bars in the main section during that phase

The Providers Screen


Here you can see two List View's with providers.  All you have to do is select on from each list.  Double clicking on any will give you the Settings Dialogue, so you can update the settings.

The Settings Dialogue


Another simple form here.  This will be populated with NumericalUpDown/DateTimePicker/Checkbox/Textbox controls determing from the Providers setting value objects.  If the name of the setting is ConnectionString, a button is added to the end of a text box.  This button gives you a Connection String builder Dialogue.


The data link properties box is the default one in windows.   It is a COM object which TMP calls to build up the connection string.

Action Order Screen


You can see the progress bar is now full, this is due to this being the latest form the be built.  The main interface determines the progress from the amount of sub control forms.

By default source action order and destination action order are empty.  A control routine makes sure that if users are added, they cannot be moved from the top slot.

To add new actions you simply drag them from the available action list, yes this interface has drag and drop enabled.

Once you have added the ones to the list, you can use the up and down buttons to position them in the right order.  Not really needed since the migrator uses threads, and they are started asynchronously apart from users.  lol.  But you still need to add them to the order to actually get them to run.

The next page is coded yet, but it'll pretty much contain a summary of the migration, and the next button on that page will start the migration.

The start migration page will contain a list of progress bars for the amount of actions being request divided by 2.  These progress bar's like the main one, will go yellow if an error is fired, and red if they have crashed.

During the migration, a log file is made, this log file is XML based although this part is not coded yet as the log file is part of the interface's reaction to the Migrator Status Changed Event's.

During bench marks, this application can move users and forums, with a userbase of 10,000 and a post count of 100,000,000 in around 2 minutes on my machine.  My machine is Intel Core 2 Duo, with ALOT of ram (4.5gb).

Anyhow, the interface for the migrator is not on codeplex and won't appear on there either.  The interface, and providers, although 3 sample providers will be provides free on codeplex.

  • Interface - £25
  • Providers - £15 per provider
  • Core - Free

3 Free providers:

  1. Community Server 2007 - Forum & Blog provider
  2. vBulletin - Forum provider
  3. WordPress - Blog Provider

Future development could involve a provider to import blogs from Windows Live Spaces, as well as photo's from flicka and forums from Community Server's REST API's, but this is far away at present.

Monday, January 14, 2008  |  From Dev Log : The Migrator Project

The new Look Migrator's Source Code on codeplex has just had a Console based application added to it for testing, and low level debugging.

You get to see some debug events as the migrator fires them.

This is working using the latest LIVE source code, and a temp built provider for community server.

I should use PowerShell, but I can't be asked to learn it just yet.


As you can see in the screenshot, the commands are similar to powershell, but the application works like a standard .net console application.

any exceptions are passed to the interface.


When you ask for a provider or provider list, you get this:


Debug notes wont come up unless it's in DEBUG mode.

I've programmed CLS and EXIT up as well.

Setting takes either the provider's number or the provider's name.  Provider's name needs to be in Quote " " marks

after that you can call get-destination/sourceprovider


Actions listed are only the ones with the right type, destination action uses IFullAction or IDestinationAction, and source action uses ISourceAction or IFullAction.

U can if u want set both destination and source to be the same provider, it'll duplicate the entry in the providers list, and move it to the Destination/Source properties of the migrator, so you can do a migration from Community Server to Community Server.

The core structure has changed alot of the past week, I'm confident it's locked down now. Hopefully, the lastest version of the core diagram is


And this should be updated on codeplex later tonight.

All OO based.

Thanks, keep it here for more.  The codeplex site is

Tuesday, January 01, 2008  |  From Dev Log : The Migrator Project

2007 is now over, and what a poor year it's been for athena, big year for Windows Live, but 2008 promises even more

In Feb 2008 Athena will be released, shortly followed by Athena 2008 for Community Server 2008.

When athena finally get's released, it'll signify the last of my big themes for a while.  Athena's the big one tho.

Caching will be prominent in Athena, along with a new control panel interface to help manage the Athena Config file.

The CP interface will actually run in side the theme configuration page, and will launch in a pop up off of that.  Should be interesting programming.

Also in Athena will be Styles, customisable chunks of code.

Variants have been dropped as no one uses them, styles will mostly take over the use of Variants, just with not so much customisation.

Also making an appearance in 2008 will be The Migrator Project's First release.  I'm expecting this to be released in March, with the main core of the program ready by Feb, just before Athena.

Making it's second release, 1st in 2008, will be CSLive.  Complete with a Windows Live Search Provider, to take over from the default inbuilt one.  This will be a great addon for large sites who can't afford to spend all that money on the enterprise search, as well as people who have customized their site (like me) with custom URL's.

Along with the WLSP will be translator modules, Silverlight registered BB tags in all applications, not limited to blogs.

A very cool Control Panel addon to manage all of these features, with it's own page editor, so you don't even have to load up visual studio to install some of the addons.  Now I know you'll be blown away by that.

Concepts of the Control Panel's editor should be going up on Codeplex in Jan time.

Hopefully you'll really like what I do with CS Live, it's going to be interesting none the less.

Now if you think I've been concentrating on the Q1 2008, you'd be right, as I yet don't know what Q2-Q4 will hold in store for me, but you can count on CS Live being expanded apon, along with The Migrator Project.

Saturday, November 10, 2007  |  From Dev Log : The Migrator Project

Design of the new Migrator Project has begun, and I've got some pictures to share with you, including the new look Class Diagram of the Core, as well as some new sample Win Forms interface idea's.

The development of the migrator project will last from now until May 2008, by which time I hope to have completed the project.

Right, the class Diagram: (Click for bigger image)


This is a class diagram from visual studio outlining the classes in the new migrator project.

This diagram, as well as the start of the code can be found on the codeplex site

Next are some interface concepts:




The last one is my favourite.  Where the aero effect is extended down a bit

References for the Aero effect:

For more information, visit the codeplex site @

Wednesday, July 11, 2007  |  From Dev Log : The Migrator Project

Well I've taken the source code down from codeplex, due to a recommendation from my final year project co-coordinator.

It will go back up on there, after I've had a chat with my tutors after October.  Hopefully.

More screenshots of the current incarnation, can be found Here and Here.

Current the project comes to 184kb, including the MySQL.dll comes to 444kb.  Yes, KB.

That will only grow over time, but I'm hoping to keep it under 1mb for the whole application, excluding any database .net connectors that would be needed.

Currently the application has few if any embedded images, I think there's 8, 3 of which aren't needed anymore.

From how I've made this, I can easily see how to make a web application to run the core dll.  Since it wont be much different from what I've done currently.  It might even be better as a web application, I don't know.

Some of the implementation is sloppy, to say the least, but hopefully when I get it to uni, I'll be able to clean the code up alot.

And of course, once my final year project is over, it'll go opensource, so you, the public, will be able to fix any bugs.

For now that, the project is limited to people who pay for a migration from another forum software.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007  |  From Dev Log : The Migrator Project

Some more screenshots now.

The Migration Options Page

Migration Confirmation Page

The Migration Log 

Monday, July 09, 2007  |  From Dev Log : The Migrator Project

Some new Screenshots of the new migrator project

Welcome Screen

License Agreement

Migration Selector

db connection attempt

Primary Database Connection Attempt


Enjoy. Once again, if you want to help out, get in contact with me

Saturday, July 07, 2007  |  From Dev Log : The Migrator Project

Starting in September, I'll be working more intensively on the new Migrator Project, as part of my Final Year Project at university.  It'll be hugely expanded apon.

An alpha of the new look migrator project will be released very soon.

The core will be open source, so you can download it and build apon it.

You will be able to find out more at both, NB Development and the migrator's codeplex site:

If you would like to contribute to the Migrator Project, give me an email.

 Dev Log : The Migrator Project News Feed 

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