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The Migrator FAQ's

Q: What is the Migrator?
A: The Migrator is a win forms interface and web forms interface Application that can import from (planned) various popular forum/blog/community applications to communityserver (

Q: When will the Migrator's core be ready?
A: As soon as the core rewrite is done, the interfaces and providers updated

Q: How much will the Core and Providers cost?
A: £50 for the core and as much as the developer charges for the Providers

Q: Can I redistribute the source and/or compiled dll's?
A: NO, this breaches the License Agreement you agree to abide by.

Q: If I make changes to a Provider can it be added?
A: Yes, use the discussion boards on this site

Q: What database systems can I currently use?
A: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, OleDb (Access), and Oracle

Q: What is a Protocol?
A: Protocol was the alpha name for the Providers

Q: What is the difference in interfaces?
A: None, they both look and do the same thing

Q: If I make a provider can I sell it?
A: Yes, you have to pay us (CS MVP's) 10% of the sale price for the API's etc.

Q: If I make a new interface do I have to have the license key input?
A: Yes, if you do not then you breach the license agreement

Q: Who made what?
A: Nick made the alpha program (tMP0.1)
Mike recoded the project into C# and re architect'd it (tMP1.0)
Nick coded a new web forms interface and fixed a little of Mike's code (tMP1.0)
Nick created the VirtuaNews and phpBB providers
Mike created the ASPPlayground providers

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